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No Deposit Bonus vs Deposit Casino Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus vs Deposit Casino Bonuses

Required Deposit Bonuses

On the flip side of no deposit bonus offers, we have deposit required bonus offers. Here, you are entitled to some free spins when you sign up and place your first deposit on the slots, or other casino games. This can be a deposit of ?10, ?20, ?30 or more, and each increment of cash tends to offer better bonus values.

There are two types of free spins deposit required bonus offers in our experience. Those are fixed free spins bonus offers and random prize free spins bonus offers.

The former of these, the fixed free spins, offers a set amount of free spins that are effectively guaranteed so long as you go through the registration process in the correct way and meet the deposit or wagering requirements. Due to the fixed nature of this, this is often not the highest amount of free spins and can often be as little as 10 free spins for a specific slot game, up to 500 free spins when you play on Thor Slots (Full T&Cs apply).

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as 10 free spins is of course better than no free spins, but we’re gamblers, right? So maybe the latter option will be a bit more appealing.

And that is the random prize free spins, where the casino gives you a random bonus once you sign up and place your first deposit with them. In the case of Thor Slots Casino, this can be anywhere from nothing to 500 free spins to play on what many will call the best slot game of all time, Starburst. In the middle there are other bonus prizes available, such as 50 free spins to play on Fluffy Favourites and a ?10 Amazon voucher (Full T&Cs apply).

We feel that the Thor Slots site way of doing things is a bit more exciting, especially as that top prize right there is so very appetising. But, if you want to play things safer, then you might prefer to go for the fixed option instead.

Match-Cash Casino Bonuses

Here, the bonus in question is effectively a 100% increase on your deposit, or a double deposit. You will usually be able to place a deposit between two figures, say ?10 and ?100 for example.