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Attacking Police Abuse: A residential area Step Guide

Attacking Police Abuse: A residential area Step Guide


step three. Assemble The fresh FACTSForget the state Investigation What you Really need to Discover, And just why Where you might get All the info, As well as how

4. Managing the Police – Community GOALSA Civil Feedback BoardControl out of Cops ShootingsReduce Police Violence Prevent Police Prying Oversight out-of Police Coverage Enhanced Training Equal Work Opportunity Certification and Licensing out-of Police Accreditation of your own Cops Service

5. Throwing STRATEGIESBuild Coalitions Display screen law enforcement Play with Discover Details Regulations Instruct the fresh new PublicUse the fresh Governmental Strategy to Win Reforms Reception Having Condition Laws


In the early occasions regarding March 3, 1991, a police chase into dating sites for Adventist adults the Los angeles finished when you look at the an incident one to manage getting just cops violence: the fresh overcoming out of an early man titled Rodney King by users of your own Los angeles Police Agency. An amateur video clips, televised across the country, shown Queen lying on to the floor while you are three officers knocked your and you will strike him several times along with their nightsticks. No one exactly who seen that beating will ever skip its viciousness.

The Rodney King experience estimated the fresh new raw truth away from police abuse for the areas in the united states, as well as for a bit, the trouble is actually first page development.